Meiktila 20090131, originally uploaded by Paradise in Portugal.

We´ve recently had just the weather that you don’t want when you have to take your roof off – which is what we’ve been doing – but it’s nice to see the lake going up and I think it’s risen about a meter during the last two weeks. Anyway, the lack of light hasn’t made me want to take many pictures recently, but I thought I’d share these four.
The above because I’ve had many requests to show how Meiktila is growing up …. you can see he’s full of beans and with the “Cortes Pereiras Nose”!
These next two are of some Green Woodpeckers we found prospecting nest sites down in the Algarve one day. Speaking of nesting, our migration has started with large “flocks” of storks cruising through and last week I saw our first Swallows and House Martins back again.